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See What Logic Protect Customers Say!

"What can we say about Logic Protect? It's easy: their products work as advertised and like a charm.

But the best thing is the way they support it. If you're a developer you know that sooner or later you will hit a brick wall of some kind. These guys know it too and are fast and completely to the point when that time arises. Simple and effective like the software they make.

And above all you get to talk with the guys that actually make the software and that is an huge difference from the rest of the other companies around.

Five stars in my opinion!"

- Antonio Louro

"Our company purchased logic protect to help create an easy format to save time and energy when registering and issuing our software licenses not to mention securing our product from illegal use. Logic Protect has proved to do all of these things! Thank you!

We have been more than pleased with the product and the support we have received from the staff at Logic Protect and would highly recommend their product."

- Lee Reiber
Mobile Forensics, Inc.

"Since we started using Logic Protect, we noticed a significant reduction of pirated registrations and an increase in sales. It was fast and easy to integrate Logic Protect component into our application. Logic Software technical support personnel is always there to answer any of our questions in a timely fashion."

- Michael Korin
Manager of Operations
Xpress Software Inc.

"I had a difficult challenge, to try to reach thousands of students at various Universities with a free copy of my package for promotional purposes, and the Logic Protect team really came through by writing some custom ASP scripts that would work in conjunction with their system. They helped me on both a consultative and implementation basis and even worked weekends to help me meet deadlines! I think that the Logic Protect system is exceptional in automating the software activation process, and their help in customizing the use of their system was just fantastic!"

- Peter O. Gay
Personal Systems Development, Inc.

"Thanks to your company for such an excellent software as Logic Protect. It helps us to focus on developing our software products and not being distracted from our main activities. We were very happy to have you take care of the security and protection system for our application.

When we bought this system we also got superior technical support. The technical support team is always there to help and does their best to satisfy our requirements. They are the real experts (black belts), so we can always get useful and competent advice in regards to the best practices of implementation of security and protection system into our products."

- Evgeniy Shiyanov
Mega Soft LLC.